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Extra Mile offers consultancy services in sport funding 

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What we do

Work with clubs & funders to help organisations deliver quality

services, specifically in sport.


All good ideas start with a plan. Extra Mile can help you write an organisational strategy, or a strategy for smaller projects. Let's make a plan and give your project the best start!

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Submitting a funding bid? Or developing a funding program? Extra Mile can help you to submit a bid, or help design a funding program. Let's make your money go further for the best possible impact.


Extra Mile is committed to helping organisations work responsibly for the planet, profit and people. We can help to develop or improve your organisation's sustainability.

About Me

After having worked in the sports funding sector for 5 years, I did a Masters in Sustainable Sports Management, with a specialism on how sports clubs, major events and funders can create & design sustainable projects and programmes that have a greater, long-lasting impact.


I draw on international experience and best practices to offer practical support strategy & funding including bid writing, identification of funds and the design & development of funding programs.


Examples of work

  • Strategy writing: short to long-term plans.
  • Identification of funding that is the ‘best-match’
  • Grant writing services
  • Design & development of projects
  • Audit of funding programmes & processes for funders
  • Design & development of funding programmes for funders
  • Future-proofing: diversification or sustainability strategies
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Sustainability & responsible business audit, advice & certification

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Find new, creative ways of doing things for better outcomes.


Simple is hard!

Extra Mile develops simple, effective programs that work


The best ideas are made together. Extra Mile works in partnerships so projects have an even bigger impact


Honesty goes a long way. 

Extra Mile has an open and transparent communication in everything we do

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